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Humidifier Services

Humidifier Comfort from Trane and Teegarden HVAC

Humidifier Services from TEegarden HVAC Bring Moisture Back in the Air

Let Teegarden Heating & Air assist you in finding the perfect humidifier for your home’s air quality. A humidifier is a machine that can be added to any central heating and cooling system to monitor the humidity levels in a home and increase humidity when needed. It adds water vapor to the air to increase humidity.

The humidifier unit uses a humidity-sensing control that cycles the humidifier on and off and a water panel that adds water vapor to the circulated air when needed.

The relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air expressed as a percentage of the maximum amount that the air is capable of holding at a specific temperature.

In dry air conditions, the sensor tracks that percentage and adjusts the amount of added water vapor, giving your skin the moisture it needs and helping to keep any personal belongings, such as wood floors, furnishings, and keepsakes, from drying out. 
Find relief from allergies, dry throat and nose, sinus congestion, asthma, and hay fever. Call for a FREE estimate. 

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